About the Artist

Sheryl Westleigh
Sheryl Westleigh, that’s me.

I started sculpting as a hobby in 2005, creating small sculptures and jewelry for friends and family. In 2008 that was expanded to create Noadi’s Art, at first just as a part-time business but by early 2010 I had transitioned to being a full-time artist as I sold all my creations all over the United States and over a dozen countries.

The name Noadi comes from the name of a roleplaying character I created for a Dungeons and Dragons campaign back in highschool (elven druid in case you are curious). The name stuck and carried over into several other creative projects before becoming Noadi’s Art.

I am most inspired by the creatures that live in the sea, especially cephalopods such as cuttlefish and octopus, as well as science fiction, fantasy, and works inspired by H.P. Lovecraft.

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