Original Sculpture Inspired by the Shadow Over Innsmouth

Kickstarter success!

From launch on June 8 through the end of the funding period on July 8 the Lady of Innsmouth raised over $5,000 towards producing resin statues of the sculpture. Twice our goal!

The Lady of Innsmouth, is an 8½ inch tall bust loosely inspired by the works of H.P. Lovecraft. In The Shadow Over Innsmouth the residents of Innsmouth are described as being ugly and fish-like with strange unblinking eyes. They are disliked and distrusted by outsiders mostly because they are different. I wanted to take that rough description and create a more beautiful but still otherworldly take on the Innsmouth folk. How one of Captain Marsh's descendents looks as she starts transforming into her aquatic self before joining her family below Devil's Reef.

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The Future for this Project

The next stage for the Lady of Innsmouth is the actual statue production. This is a labor intensive process, especially for a one person studio. I'll be creating two molds, one for the white resin casts (some of which will be used for a limited edition hand painted version), the other for cold cast bronze (resin mixed with real bronze powder), then casting around 75 statues for the first run, with more coming later. I'm hoping to have at least the first few finished in time to bring to NecronomiCon Providence at the end of August with all the statues for backers finished and mailed by early October. If you would like to follow along with the project I'll be posting photos of the molding, casting, and painting process on Instagram and Facebook.

Once all the Kickster backers have their statues I'll be making the Lady of Innsmouth available for sale online. Please sign up to be notified of when you can purchase a statue for yourself.

About Noadi's Art: The studio of artist Sheryl Westleigh, Noadi's Art, is based in the beautiful foothills of western Maine. Founded in 2007, Sheryl has been creating unique creations in clay and mixed media ever since.

If you would like more information on the Lady of Innsmouthplease contact Sheryl Westleigh at NoadiArt@gmail.com or via Twitter or Facebook.

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